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Electronic Eyes in Open Fields: Sensing Technologies in Precision Agriculture ft. Dr. Pedro Andrade

Resource Use Efficient CEA Systems, Smart Sensing & Monitoring & Climate Control Tech ft. Dr. Kacira

Technological Advances, Trends and Challenges in Aquaculture ft. Dr. Kevin Fitzsimons

Minimally Structured, Modular, Prefabricated Vertical Farm Designs 2.0 ft. Dr Joel Cuello

CEAC Leading Activities for the New Age of Arizona Agriculture ft. Dr. Gene GIacomelli

My Experience with Organic Hydroponics ft. Dr. Stacy Tollefson

Engineering Your Facility To Increase Productivity & Profitability ft. Dr. Sabeh

Understanding Seed Development: Biochemical & Molecular Control Mechanisms ft. Dr. Ramin Yadegari

Growing Crops for Healthy Living ft. Dr. Andrew Weil

Organic Hydroponics Panel Discussion ft. Dr. Tollefson, Jose Edgardo Torres & Lee Frenkel

Cool Molecules from Hot Deserts - A Tale of Significant Findings ft. Dr. Gunatilaka

Controlled Environments for Production of Value-Added Food Crops and Transplants ft Dr. Kubota

Using Plant Genomics to Solve the 10 Billion Person Question ft. Dr. Rod Wing

Bioshpere 2 - What We're Learning from B2 about B1 ft. John Adams

Bioshpere 2 - Cracking the Code of Soil Genesis ft. Dr. Dragos Zaharescu

Seed to Table: The Economics of Vertical Farming ft. Marc Ferguson

The Birth of an Agricultural Revolution: CEA ft. Dr. Merle Jensen

Recent Innovations in Vertical Farming Infrastructure ft. Dr. Fritz Schroeder

Food Waste, Major Problem, Potential Solutions! ft. Dr. Patricia Sparks & Victoria Ligon

The Key to Survival on Mars ft. Drs. Roger Kern & Jacklyn Green

16 Acre CEA Organic Vertical Farm ft. Ed Horton Jr.

Mycoculture and Integrated Farming Systems ft. Dr. Barry Pryor