Controlled Environment Agriculture Center

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Scholarship Program:

We are introducing a scholarship program to encourage attendance by those who may not be able to afford the cost of attendance.  We are firm believers that the knowledge gained form the course’s lectures and hands-on workshops results in attendees taking action when they return to their production sites.  Candidates for the scholarship may be industry partners or customers of yours that will take this training home and be inspired to implement changes in their greenhouse infrastructure, and turn to you, their partner who assisted in subsidizing their attendance, to assist in implement these advancements.  Our goal is to partner with you in absorbing the majority of the cost for these attendees, empower them with information and help you drive business.

Cost Break Down:

  • $300.00 Absorbed by CEAC
  • $300.00 Absorbed by company/person sponsoring the scholarship
  • $195.00 Paid by attendee

Please contact the CEAC is you are interested in providing a scholarship!