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On April 6th, the Secure, Sustaining & Sensational CEA Dinner presents the role that greenhouse, hydroponic, and aquaponic food production have in the development of Tucson as a designated UNESCO “City of Gastronomy.” We will be guests of Chef Janos and his team, as they prepare a four course meal to remember!

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For the general public:

The standard contribution for the multi-course meal is $130 per person, or a discounted couples rate $210 for two.  Larger donations are acceptable and greatly appreciated. The dinner will highlight the "Secure, Sustaining, & Sensational" products of CEA in a gastronomically exceptional regional meal at the Carriage House of award-winning Chef Janos Wilder in Downtown Tucson. 

This fundraising dinner will support and enhance CEAC research and educational programs in a new age of agricultre, and continue the important work of assuring securing food sources and practices to feed the region, our nation, the planet, and future generations.  

The finest ingredients will be sourced locally from CEA growers and grown within the greenhouses of CEAC.  Of course, you'll see our ripe red tomatoes and blossoming heads of lettuce complementing the courses, but the full and balanced meal will include gargantuan blue oyster mushrooms grown under cover, filets of aquaponic fish raised in sustaning production systems, strawberries grown for flavor in greenhouse, melons from the southwest, and fine cuts of meat from the UofA Meats Lab at the Campus Ag Center.  

CEA Leadership Donations:

Your $1,300 donation includes:

·         A table recognized and labeled under your company name with up to 10 seats at the CEA Dinner (April 6th).

·         Verbal recognition during the event of your contribution.

·         Recognition in the event itinerary of your generosity.

·         Information on your company/your impact on CEA industry in the itinerary.

·         Recognition of attendees you’ve sponsored.

·         Recognition on event posters that will be used at the event and displayed at CEAC until next year’s event. 

Questions?  Call or Email Austin at CEAC - 520.626.9566 /